Professional Biography
Dr Daryl McPhee is an expert in impact assessment in inshore marine and estuarine areas, fisheries and marine aquaculture. He lectured and coordinated
courses at the University in Queensland for over five years in marine ecology, sustainable development and environmental impact assessment. He has also worked as a senior environmental planner for the NSW Department of Planning where he provided expert technical advice and prepared assessment reports for state significant projects.
He has published numerous journal articles and book chapters in a diverse range of topics including: marine protected areas, large scale impact assessment in soft sediment inter-tidal areas, fisheries management, fisheries economics, and surf zone ecology. Dr McPhee has undertaken a large number of consulting projects including: preparing marine ecology and fisheries components of marine sand extraction projects, marine aquaculture planning and assessment, marine park planning and the economic assessment of impacts on stakeholders, the design of an integrated monitoring program for industries in the Gladstone (Queensland) region, impacts of dredge spoil deposition and desalination, and fisheries economics.
Of particular note is that Dr McPhee was the principal investigator for the project Driving Innovation in Environmental Performance in Queensland Fisheries which in 2006 won the Queensland Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries Awards for the "Most Outstanding Contribution to Primary Industries" and the "Sustainable Primary Production Award".   
He has been involved in many high level committees including: the NSW Premier's Aquaculture Committee which was charged with the task of further aquaculture development in that state, the Commonwealth Marine Turtle Recovery Team which developed the Marine Turtle Recovery Plan and the Great Barrier Reef Consultative Committee which provided advice directly to the Commonwealth Environment Minister on management of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.