Fisheries Management in Australia
        by Dr Daryl McPhee

        Whether it's throwing a fresh local prawn on the BBQ or dangling a line off the local jetty, fisheries resources are         economically and socially important for many Australians. Australian fisheries have undergone significant management         changes over the last decade and Australia is now recognised as a world leader.
        This book is the first comprehensive analysis of fisheries management in Australia. It provides practical insight into the cross-        disciplinary tools of fisheries management. It takes the reader away from the outdated notion of "managing the fish" to the         reality of managing human behaviour. It does so without losing track of the fundamental need to consider the ecosystem and         its components.
        The book covers a diverse range of contemporary topics including: sharing fisheries resources between commercial and         recreational fishers, marine park planning, current regulatory and policy environments, consultative and participatory         frameworks, by-catch mitigation and fisheries habitat management. It is a must for tertiary students studying fisheries, fisheries         management professionals, the fishing industry and anyone else with an interest in how our valuable but finite fisheries         resources are managed.

        The Aquatic Environments of Australia
        The Australian Fisheries
        Regulatory and Policy Environments
        Fisheries Monitoring
        Fisheries Management Tools
        Consultation and Participation in Fisheries Management
        No-Take Marine Protected Areas
        Allocations in Fisheries Management
        By-catch in Australian Fisheries
        Structural Adjustment and Compensation
        Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management, Performance Evaluation and Risk Assessment
        Emerging Challenges in Fisheries Management


        Publishing 31 January 2008
The Federation Press
        ISBN 9781862876842
        Australian RRP $70.00
        Direct Price $66.00
        International Price $66.00

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